OTT #2 or #3 if you count the 1st one that wasn’t published on a Tuesday

My planned feature of Obsessive Thought Tuesday isn’t really working out as originally planned. Then again this blog isn’t quite what I had planned for either. The thoughts I have for today are again not obsessive thoughts, but at least it is Tuesday and all the thoughts have something to do with obsessiveness. They are all thoughts I had because of OCD.

Picture this……..

I have to fill out forms explaining my “disability”. One thing I have to describe is my OCD.  The forms they sent me to fill out are old and blurry.  After I made my own, better, much clearer forms to fill out, I wondered, “do I really need to describe my OCD once they see my new forms?”

I came up with this next idea when I noticed someone said something that was clearly(to me) not what I needed to hear at that time. Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to someone like me. I immediately searched the Internet for a top 10 OCD list, but couldn’t quite find the one I was looking for, so I came up with my own. I did find many top ten for so many other things. I was going to leave a link but couldn’t pick just one or 4.  There needs to be a site that lists them all, if anyone has the time.

My medication Doctor encouraged me to make my own list. He is looking forward to his copy.

Just forget about it.  (this is the one that got me thinking)

Why does it take you so long?

Why do you do that?

Still obsessing over this brook

Clearly Still obsessing over this brook

What are you afraid of?

Why cant you just go to bed? or leave the house?

Did you lock the door? or Let the cat in? or Shut the oven off?

How many do you need? 

We all like things a certain way.

Why do you do that so many times?

Why can’t you just stop?

So that is my latest attempt at having a feature my 32 followers can look forward to.  I already want to rename Obsessive thought Tuesday Obsessive thought Thursday.  I think it flows better.
I hope you get the chance to laugh today!!!!

2 thoughts on “OTT #2 or #3 if you count the 1st one that wasn’t published on a Tuesday

  1. OMG I laughed right out loud when I read “do I really need to describe my OCD once they see my new forms?” That is so me!!! I completely get you and all your thoughts…gonna go read the rest of your blogs! Haven’t read your profile yet but if I had to guess I’d say you were from the Boston area, as am I!!! Cuz you’re wicked funny!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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