Restless Waters In the Bay

This was written almost 30 years ago. It was written and rewritten by a 16 year old “depressed” “suicidal” teenager. Her name was Emily. Boy how things have changed since this was written.

I know the Emily of today.  Sometimes I wish I could go back into the past and shake her.  Shake her and say You WILL be okay!!!! You will not always feel this way!!!! Things will be better!!!! Knowing her as well as I do, she would not listen to me.

So if you learn anything from this, I hope it is that NOTHING ever stays the same. No matter how bad you feel right now, it WILL change.


Emily’s Life has just begun

Laughter, Talking, and a whole lot of Fun

She is as happy as can be

Making people laugh — Everyone she sees

Emily got older as the years went by

Just like birds, they seemed to fly

There were problems along the way

Restless Waters in the Bay

restlesswater3She never let anyone down

She was Emily– always the CLOWN

Being serious when in need

She was the friend– even the blind man could see

Then things started slowing down

Everything began to make her frown

Laughter. Talking, and all that Fun

They definitely seem all done

What she needed now was the friend

Who would make this change finally end

Emily found the people who seemed to care

But her feelings were too much to bare

She tried and tried and tried again

To make this new world finally end

To many people she tried talking

But — always ended up walking

She has so much she wants to say

But when she gets there, she can’t find the way

This was not the way

The Restless Waters were still in the Bayrestlesswater4

Hurting herself in any which way

She hoped her life would end the next day

Emily was no longer the friend

Who could make your sadness end

Time and time and time again

Her silent wounds would not mend

Then one day

a friend came to her

with much to say

She helped this friend through a bad day

Although the Waters had not changed in the Bay

restlesswater5She didn’t want to die

She made this clear — It was NOT a lie

The real Em died long ago

The real life in her didn’t die slow

If it could return — she’d give it a chance

Wouldn’t it be great to again see her dance

The feelings were strong — they were hard to fight

She tried and tried with all her might

She doesn’t know what to do

Couldn’t someone give her a clue

Emily’s life is not over yet

But if your a gambler, its probably a sure bet

would wicked love hearin' from ya !!!!

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