All We had Was some Snow

Forces of Nature

covered deck ????

covered deck ????

the roof could take no more

the roof could take no more

pickin up the pieces

picking up the pieces

winter2015grill (2015_04_20 18_52_17 UTC)

the grill did not survive, nor did the ladder

BeerCan Chicken Awaits

luckily we have a backup smoker

10 thoughts on “All We had Was some Snow

      • Alright that make sense! I have snow pictures I was thinking to upload. But they would be titled as beautiful winter😏
        Will wait for your post. It does look bad

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      • This area had the most snow ever recorded this past winter. At least we only lost part of a deck roof. Many others lost so much more.
        We’ve actually decided not to replace the roof as now we can easily see the stars at night from there. 🙂

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