A different Kind of O.T.T.

wickedcoolNow i’m having more ideas about my feature.  The quick original answer to the assignment in blogging 101 was vent once a week.  Then it went to Random Obsessive Thought Tuesday.  Which morphed into Obsessive Thought Thursday (O.T.T.). Now I have a new idea. How My Mind Works Wednesday? Yup I think that is what I am going to end up with.  At least until I come up with the next wicked cool idea. 

suggest to WordPress a possible change in blogging 101 assignment Day Fifteen: Create a New Posting Feature. Mention the feature assignment in the beginning days of the class, but do not make it an assignment until the end.  people have more time to think about it.

Unless they planned on me changing my feature every 7-14 days???? 🙂

Today is a special day.  It was Christmas in my house this week and we all got toys. I got a new camera.  I was playing with that and PicMonkey.  This is what happened to my living room when I put those 2 things together.OTTbeagleversion1

  1. baby gate in screen door. It will not stop a beagle who smells a critter but it makes us feel better
  2. dog bed with matching LL Bean dog blanket (the blanket came from beagle Nanny. ) 🙂
  3. pillow that beagle just can’t seem to let stay on the loveseat
  4. former ottoman cushion that is now the beagles first step to the loveseat. The rest of the ottoman is being used in the bedroom so he has steps to his other bed.
  5. former ottoman being used as 2nd beagle step.  Please note this is a reclining loveseat.  It does not need ottoman.
  6. phone in case beagle gets a call while sleeping
  7. prince Mattie the beagle
  8. very old, destuffed toy. I think it was a lamb.

Beagle Breakfast in Bed