The time has finally come

Time for me to get back into writing.  Time for me to start another course.  Time for me to learn more. Did I mention it was time for me to learn more?  This time the learning will be via Blogging201.  Does everyone have their seatbelts on? The seats do not have to be in an upright position.  Comfort is my aim.  Bring it on Blogging201—-

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals. For bonus points, write a post detailing your blog’s goals and publish it. Making your goals public ups your accountability. Your readers will cheer you on, and might even find ways to help you achieve your goals.

  • con-crete existing in a material or physical form; real or solid; not abstract
  • goal the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result:
so a concrete goal as I shall look at it is a real or solid desired result  That sounds easy enough. I have had this blog for less than a year.  One original goal was to come up with its purpose within a year of starting it.  This assignment might just help put me ahead of my goal.
  • Why do you blog?laughterman “To clarify your own thoughts”/feelings? “To connect with others”, both like-minded and not so like-minded?  To teach and to learn? To make someone laugh?
  • If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? How often would you post? Who would you reach? Who would you teach? What would you teach? Who will teach you? Who would you hope reads it?

According to Blogging201, answering these questions should give me a “vision for my blog”. I shall then be able to turn this vision into concrete goals. Look at that I have learned something already.Learn

  1. by December 2015 I shall completely go through all my drafts and publish at least 3 of them. (this goal is a bit scary as I have been wanting to work on my drafts for quite a while,  I just can’t seem to get it done)
  2. have 5 of my posts reblogged or tweeted by March 2016 (you may include posts that have already been tweeted or reblogged.) So only 2 more to go.
  3. By June 2016 have 3 comments that go something like this, “that is exactly what I needed to read.”

So there you go I have completed my 1st assignment of Blogging201.  Yes, I am still working on completing Photo101.  I shall not worry about that at this time.


if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how I might meet my goals, feel free to let me in on them.