Close-Up Purple Style

I obsessed over some of these flowers the other day.  Thursday to be exact.  Obsessive Thought Thursday.  Afraid I wouldn’t get pictures in time.

Today I discovered them all along the brook. Both sides, up and down. Just in time for this weeks photo challenge.  They are everywhere. I am looking forward to see what pops next.

If I got any closer, I’d be in the Brook.

16 thoughts on “Close-Up Purple Style

  1. This is such a down-to-earth, from the heart post. I enjoyed every word of it, particularly the honesty. The flowers look beautiful, don’t they, in their natural splendour. I love to see the water more because it shows me the life source of each of those plants is still alive, in the depth of summer. And so it is in our own lives, I guess.

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    • The life I see out my backdoor overwhelms me at times.
      When I noticed how many flowers were really out there, I also noticed a beaver swimming by.
      Maybe I will carry a chair down and wait for him to go by again.

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    • thank you my friend.
      I am not a photographer, but I took photo101 and now I see possible photos every where.
      When I took these I noticed a lot of unusual looking green stalks mixed in. They had green spiky heads. See now I have to go take pictures of them before they bloom 🙂


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