To People who Work With the Mentally Ill

this was very well written, so true, and needs to be heard.

A Journey With You

I have said it over and over again, that when I am experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia, the only person I truly trust is my husband.

The first time I was psychotic, I trusted my brother, but it has been a long time since we have lived in the same city so I don’t know if that would be true today.

I have found that being able to trust someone when I am experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia is crucial to being able to live with those symptoms, or even better, to overcome those symptoms.

Trust is difficult for someone with paranoid schizophrenia though.

I learned the hard way that telling people about my symptoms is not always in my best interest, in fact, it can be used against me.

I was once in an abusive relationship, and I would tell my boyfriend things about my illness. He used those details against…

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