Okay, Like…. am I serious????

So, like, this whole post started because of The Intricate Flash Photo.DSC00273

I just checked on my Llama poop soup today.

I have been stirring it every day.

Yesterday I dug in.

Today I took my plastic, less than a pound, Folgers coffee container, and got me some Llama tea.


Do I not look Happy????

My house plants were prepared to love it

Hubby says he couldn’t smell Llama poop when he got home, but what does he know, he works with Llamas every day ?

Thank goodness I sleep with a CPAP machine.  The mask and air hid the Llama poop soup stink I knew was emanating from my house plants.

Okay, So today arrives.  After sweeping the house and Cindy Loppering the driveway (I can explain that if you really want to know). I got to the Llama poo.DSC00274

The first 2 lilacs asked for little poop soup or mud as it now closely resembles.  The 2nd two wanted lots.  So each original plant and some sprouts got 2 coffee containers full of Llama Bean Tea (Llama poop Soup).

I did not care anymore about cleanliness.  I dug right in and fed my Lilacs.

TWICE !!!!

I need to add that there are 4 Lilac bushes, and that many people do laugh when I am being totally serious.

Your laughter makes me laugh.  and on and on and on….

i smell it out here too

i smell it out here too

I almost forgot for all you Beagle lovers out there.  I swear 10 minutes after I fed my house plants some Llama Bean Tea, my beagle woke up from a sound sleep. He took a few sniffs of the air and moved himself to the loveseat.

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