May 7th O.T.T.

I am going to stick with Obsessive Thought Thursday for a bit.  and not allow it to morph into How My Mind Works Wednesday at this time.

The start of tonight’s dinner conversation.  Well I didn’t really bring it up. I just thought about bringing it up.  I thought “the kitchen light switches were not in the right positions.”

To him, the light switch closest to you is the one you flick. Up or down. It does not matter. To me, well I have rules.  Up is on, down is off.  Very simple rules yet they means so much.  Pre medication, finding the light switch in the up position would have caused anxiety and an increase in compulsive behavior. Today, I noticed it was wrong, felt a twinge and thought about it for a while.  I did not obsess.

Now that I think about it, the chances of me finding the light switches in the wrong position probably would not have happened pre medication.  If it did happen, it would be a very rare occurrence.  The OCD crap would not have allowed me to let the rules be broken in such a manner.

Seeing as though it is an hour later and I am still occasionally thinking about the light switches, tells me that this particular obsession is not one I am willing to challenge at this time. It will go on the list. There are plenty of others I can work on. The number of words in this post for one.

3 thoughts on “May 7th O.T.T.

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