Hope you chuckle too !


Intricate: what does it mean to you?


First Day of Mixin’

DSC00228DSC00230Although the “experts” call it Llama Manure Tea.  or Llama Bean Tea,

I prefer to say Llama Poop Soup.

Some say 3 – 4 days, some say that manyDSC00225 weeks.

All I know is my house plants and lilacs will be in Heaven soon!!!!

10 thoughts on “Hope you chuckle too !

    • How about removing the Llama and just calling it poop soup? How about “Sweetheart! Would you mind scooping some more poop soup?” “Yes of course dear. I’ll just stoop with my scoop to get your poop soup!” Of course if they are living on a sloop …………………………………..! 🙂

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      • It has got me through many difficult times but, in fairness, it has caused a few as well! Just gotta keep smiling ……….. and let the rest of the world wonder why!

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      • I like the way you think. 🙂 Life is much more fun when you can laugh with it sometimes. I find marriage to be like that as well.
        and yes my humor has gotten me in trouble a few times as well.

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      • Well the logic is quite simple. I only have one life, of a questionable time frame. I can choose to make it as productive as possible, or not. I can choose to laugh at the idiosyncrasies, or complain about them. I find it totally illogical that some people become depressed over things that they have no control over (rain!). If I have no control over a situation, I can choose to be happy, or choose to be sad …….. it’s my choice. Why would anybody not choose happy in those situations? Keep smiling ………..and keep “them others” guessing! 🙂

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      • We had a miserable winter. We lost part of our deck roof.
        Had this not happened we never would have known how much easier it was to star gaze.
        We’ve decided not to fix the roof. and yes now we laugh at losing the roof

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