More About me via a nomination

Liebster Award and Infinity Dreams Award

I choose to not accept awards, but I do find it entertaining to answer the questions. Thank you for the nomination HumaAq  We met by way of Writing101 (I highly recommend it and any class offered by WordPress. I’ve done 2 and am truly enjoying them both)

1] What accessory/item could you not do without? Okay there isn’t just one thing. Eye glasses and husband and Beagle. In that order.
2] What is your favorite meal? That is too hard of a question to answer. My husband cooks so many good things
3] What is your favorite catchphrase/go to saying?  Just Let it friggin’ Go Would Ya?
4] What would you be caught dead wearing? My blue Cape Cod Cuffy’s sweatpants and any shirt with Red Sox on it. I say shirt and not sweatshirt because I prefer a warmer New England.
5] If there was one world change (past, present or future) which you could enact, what would it be?  That no one goes homeless or hungry and that no one ever gets cold 
6] Where in the world would you like to be, right now in this moment? Right where I am.  I like where I am. But I’d rather be sleeping and not wide awake at 3:47 a.m.
7] If you could be completely honest to anyone at all, what would you say?  I usually am completely honest.  So I guess I’d say that
8] What’s the best thing you’ve ever read, heard or said (choose all, or one)?  You are not going to fall in love with a man or woman, you are going to fall in love with a human being 
9] What is the silliest thing you’ve ever done? Mowed my lawn topless.  Yes I really did that. You might ask why?  Easy answer.  Because I could.
10] Why do you blog? I’ve only been doing it 2 months, so I haven’t figured that out yet

12 thoughts on “More About me via a nomination

    • haha 😀 I thought I might have to explain #9!!!! I was home alone, bored, and needed to laugh. You would have to travel down a long private driveway, through the woods to see me mowing. Unexpected visitors are rare. I was ready to act natural if that happened.

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