OTT and Purple Pants

I really love these pants I found,,,,they are so soft….They are new….no they aren’t,,,, they are old….They just seem new because you just found them again….they are soft very soft….I love the way they feel….the softness rubs on my legs as I walk…. it feels nice….feels nice to my hand too….oh No!!!!they suck!!!!these pants are so soft yet they still suck….They have no pockets HMMMMMMMM…. what is more important comfort or convenience???? It may take some time to figure this one out????I can try and adapt to no pockets as the pants are very soft so very soft……..purplepants

A decision had been made.  The purple pants will only be worn to bed.  They will not be worn during the day when you need pockets in your pants.  That reminds me.  Went to a funeral yesterday and wore a purple shirt.  I always seem to wear black and purple to funerals.

Now back to the pants.  I found them when cleaning under my bed.  What  a great place to find such soft pants.  I thought it was a shirt when I first found them then realized no, they were my purple,,,,wicked soft pants….Might it be called velour????They really are soft….I keep rubbing my hands up and down my legs….I love the way they feel….If they are velour,,,, it might be best to just wear them to bed????I think velour went out of style 30 years ago????I have not had these pants for 30 years….I wonder where they came from????Under the bed silly!!!!NO!!!!before that….before that What????before you found the pants under the bed….What an odd place to find purple velour pants????Not Really,,,,You have found weirder stranger things in odder places….That’s not even really odd….What’s really odd is your Eagles-Photos-2012 02husband sitting on his loveseat when he notices bird poo fall from the sky which led him to find the humongous eagle sitting in the tree….Now that is odd!!!!

Funny, this was not the planned Obsessive Thought Thursday.  The original turned out to be not so funny so I went with this one instead.

would wicked love hearin' from ya !!!!

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