Obssessive thought thursday is here

I was reading something someone else taking the writing 101 class wrote and was reminded of today.  The writing101 thing is just what it sounds like.  It is different from Blogging 101 in so many ways.  One big difference is that I appear to be obsessing over writing 101 a lot less than I did blogging 101.  I will be writing every week day for 4 weeks if I so choose. Funny though, when I read the original description of writing 101 I swear it said prompts once a week, not once a day.  I am so tired right now, I apologize for not putting in 100% effort today.

I just saw my bed and thought my that looks good. My that looks relaxing. My I wish it was time for bed. Damn it, I stood up for applesauce, not to think about how inviting my bed looks. Will I ever stop thinking and go get my applesauce. I should really get the applesauce as the longer I wait, the closer it will be to dinner. But the bed does look nice. If I just laid down for a minute I would be okay.  maybe I should eat the applesauce then lay down.  Yup that is what I will do. 

After the applesauce, I never thought of my bed again until bedtime.

What is my Tagline again????

4 thoughts on “Obssessive thought thursday is here

  1. Writing101 has definitely taken a lot of my energy since it began – especially since I’m mostly writing after a long day at work! I have often had to fight the pull of my bed as I sit at my desk and attempt to write every night, so I can relate to your description of how tempting your bed is! I’m so glad the weekend has no prompts so my mind can just… Relax.

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    • I have found myself neglecting other chores in order to write. Even todays assignment of “be brief” I have been thinking about since last night. I am going to do my other stuff first today then write.

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  2. I did part of the blogging 101, but didn’t realise there was a writing one until the current course had already started. I think assignments daily is pretty tough going, I just couldn’t keep up. I would need to sit at the PC for most of the day writing posts and answering comments and then visiting other people’s blogs, not to mention the commons room. It’s a big commitment, but the people are great to meet. Good luck


    • the best thing about these classes is that there is No pressure. I do what I want. I do not feel obligated to do any assignment. I am still amazed at what I learned from Blogging 101. When I started this blog, I had no idea that there was a whole community involved. I will do my best to take this writing one an assignment at a time. As long as I do not put pressure on myself it will be much fun. Plus I get the weekends off. 🙂

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