Cannoli and Beagles

My 1st Day of writing 101.  I had so much fun with blogging 101 I thought Id try this as well. My goal right now is to write for 20 minutes.  Just write.  Sounds easy enough.  I apologize to all who end up reading this if anyone.

I use to live in the city.  I miss very little about the city.  One thing I miss terribly are the cannoli.  I had my favorite bakery and whenever I got a cannoli craving,Cannoli I would go visit.  I also liked their really big, frosting covered cookies.  I’ll never forget the time I came home once to find my frosting covered cookies devoid of frosting.  My 1st baby beagle had gotten into the box, licked all the frosting off, and left the cookies.  I can’t remember if I ate the cookies after that. The stories I could tell about that beagle.

Today husband and I are traveling to get me a cannoli  I mentioned it to him a few weeks ago and he found me a bakery.  It is not as close as  if I lived in the city, but that is so okay. I love my car rides with my husband. It is the perfect opportunity for us to just talk, laugh, and yell at the drivers that aren’t as good at driving as we are.  Sometimes I think about writing about these car rides, but they are my special time with husband.  Our time.  I am not sure I want to share these times with the rest of the world.  I tell my Mom about them, but that is it.

Back to cannoli’s and the city.  We left the city for the woods around 10 years ago.  I could easily criticize the city, but I will try not to.  They have cannoli with in 10 minutes of any residence.  hey they also have the best hot roast beef sandwiches I have ever tasted. I never knew they existed before moving to the city and I have yet to find a good one around here.  What was cool about the city was walking.  I could walk to mostRed-Sox-Small-jpg places I needed to be.  Except work, I had to drive to work.  Some places I lived, I could walk to the train. After 1 change I would end up at Fenway Park.  Funny haha It is opening day for the Red Sox and I am not there.  Neither are they though. They are in Philadelphia without me.             .

Back to walking.  I guess I could have walked to work if I could take the train to get there.  I could walk to the local convenient store for whatever I needed at that time. I could even walk to the doctors office if I felt well enough.  I walked a lot when living in the city.  I walked my 1st baby beagle all the time.  She loved her walks and would on occasion bring me her leash.  I ended up losing her at way too young of an age.  I figured it would take 2 beagles to fill the void I felt, so I got 2 beagle brothers .  The way I ended up with them was too weird to not be meant to be.  Walking them was not really an option.  I would try, but they would get so excited I could not get them out of the yard without waking up every neighbor, including those a mile away.  Their extra loud baying sounded like an injured pup. Their adventures took place in our yard.  And adventures they did have.  One would always dig his way under the fence to the adjacent park.  The other being a bit bigger could never fit.  He, being the good beagle that he was would tell us when is brother escaped again.  That is when we would hook him up to a leash and take him for a walk in search of his brother.  We always found him in the park and I guess in the end, they did get their walks. They just didn’t do it together and one always chose to go without me.

Okay there is 2 minutes left of writing for 20 minutes and I am done.  I usually write until I am done, so I was nervous I would not be able to stop at 20 minutes.  Look at me I am early.  Or Not as I am still writing.  Now I have to go back and see what came out of my fingers.  I typed faster than usual and did not fix every mistake as I made it so now I get to see all those mistakes all at one time.  Damn the timer just stopped and didn’t go buzz.    .

2 thoughts on “Cannoli and Beagles

    • I’ve had the pleasure of being the Mom to 3 beagles in the last 25 years. All very different dogs yet so similar at the same time. Thanks for commenting. If it makes you feel better, I did not enjoy my cannoli as much as I had anticipated.

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