as blogging101 ends for some, it continues for me.

I am still obsessively working on blogging 101 assignments.  I am working on the last week day assignment as I simultaneously try the weekend ones.. Hmmmmmmmm a blogging feature that my followers could look forward to each week/month???? I need something simpler than venting. Proper Venting sometimes requires Time.  Obsessive Thought Tuesday would take no time.

Random Obsessive Thought Tuesday.  It would fit with my blogs goal of making people smile and helping me vent.  Some of my thoughts are a bit on the unusual side and writing them down has always helped me get rid of them.  Sometimes action is required to lessen these thoughts.


Don’t get too close to the Brook, It is closer than you think!!!!

Yesterdays thoughts remained in my brain for 2 days.  We took action today and went down to the brook to take some pictures and relieve me of the following thoughts.

“I so need a camera.  The Brook looks so pretty today I wish I knew where the camera was.  Do I even own a camera? Damn I am gonna have to ask Jax when he gets home to use his phone.  Yup we will have to use his phone.  That is what we will have to do. The Brook looks so pretty today.”

Seeing as though it is not Tuesday and it is an extra special day for me, I am going to make you suffer with today’s obsessive song as well.  It is Ed Sheeran’s, Thinking Out Loud  I can’t make songs a weekly feature as I usually obsess over them for much longer than a week. Take a minute or 2 and listen, it really is a great song. I only obsess over the great ones. 

So what do you think of how I did do with the last assignment of Blogging 101?  Do I deserve the A+ I expected?

Great, now that this Obsessive, Brook picture taking thought is going to go away I already have a new obsessive thought. What do I call Tuesday?  Random and obsessive or just obsessive?  I’ll let you know on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “as blogging101 ends for some, it continues for me.

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