Try (Another) Blogging Event

Day 13 and I find myself writing again.  Since I started blogging 101 I have not written anything I had planned to write.  Taking this class has changed me.  Todays assignment only proves that more.  The event I picked was The Best of Me: an ode to the past.  I am not sure what exactly I am suppose to do for this “event” but I am just going to do it.  I seem to be saying “Just Do It” a lot lately.Just Do It I feel like an advertisement for Nike.

I picked this event because even though I just started my blogging adventure, I already want to write about where I have been. Last month is the past so I guess I do actually technically qualify for this event. It all started with the first blog I ever read.  This woman and her writing helped inspire me to write my own life crap down.  At the same time my therapist suggested that writing might help me figure some stuff out.  I didn’t want to “just write”, I wanted TO WRITE!!!!

I have always, well not always, but on a fairly regular basis written things down.  I have journals, notebooks, and slips of paper scattered throughout my house.  Now I have a place for all my new stuff.  I have a place to do something with my writing. I am still not sure what my ultimate goal is with this blog, but right now if asked I would say, “I want to educate about life using humor to do it.”  The first thing I published on this blog was an About Me.  I wonder if my goal in that is the same as today.  I highly doubt it.  I don’t even recall having a goal when I wrote that. I just wrote.

Enter Blogging 101.  The first assignment was pretty easy.  An Introduction of some sort.  I cheated by simply answering the questions asked in the assignment. This is where I first learned that blogging was not just about writing. This is where I was first asked to come up with a goal?  I was asked who I wanted my audience to be? What topics I might cover? What do you hope to accomplish?  It has been less than a month and I feel like I have come a very long way.

I think what I really want this post to be about is Blogging 101.  I want to talk about how I am learning so much more than I anticipated.  Yes I am learning how to use this WordPress blog system.  I kind of expected and hoped that would be part of it.  I am learning about links, widgets, titles, and taglines, etc. I am also learning about community, inspiration, prompts, and now events.

Some things have not changed in the past month.  I still want to connect with other human beings.  All, but 1 of my followers are human, but all are welcome here. I still want to use humor whenever I can.  If I make someone smirk, smile, or laugh I will  be happy.alien3 If someone learns something by reading what I write, that is okay too.  A while back I was asked what my job was?  My answer was “retired, but looking for something fun to do.”  I think I found my something fun.

Today I will try using a very simple, yet so difficult life skill.  I will keep it simple and end my post here.

4 thoughts on “Try (Another) Blogging Event

  1. I did the same thing at the beginning of Blogging 101 as well, I just answered the questions in the first assignment. But, I am learning that I must dig a little deeper in order to write anything of substance. This will be my challenge. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blogging 😉

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